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At Gridiron Gang, we hold a strong belief in the principle that every aspiring athlete should have equal access to our wealth of resources, expert coaching, enriching events, and transformative leadership training, regardless of their financial means. In pursuit of this noble ideal, we have established the '3 Pillars for Change' Scholarship Program. Through this philanthropic initiative, we are committed to extending the hand of opportunity to all athletes, encompassing those with diverse backgrounds, including those facing financial constraints, individuals from the military and public sector families, and athletes who embrace the spirit of giving back. Our goal is to ensure that every athlete has the chance to engage in comprehensive on and off-field development, fostering a more inclusive and compassionate sports community.

Pillars for Change


Promote diversity, inclusion, and equity by putting forward any athlete from an underrepresented group for a scholarship in the "Mathis 98 Hour Challenge", which includes 98 immersive hours of education, training, and skills development annually.


Nominate any athlete, (must be a minimum of 16 years of age), willing to dedicate time as a volunteer with the Gridiron Gang. Volunteering time is a great way to earn "hour for hour" training without charge to the athlete.


Stand up for, support, and nominate any athlete whose parents or guardians work in the public sector. All military, police, firefighters, and public sector employees qualify for scholarship toward athlete training.

Comprehensive Pillar Overview

Dive deeper into each pillar to understand how we support the community.

Income-based scholarships are available to athletes whose families meet the financial eligibility requirements and who would like assistance paying for their on and off-field development. Gridiron has created a sliding scale that will allow athletes to receive full or partial scholarships if they qualify.

Note: The scholarship award is for Daily Training use only.

Athletes who have parents or guardians currently serving in the military receive 50% off and parents or guardians who have served receive 25% off.

Athletes who have parents or guardians in the public sector will receive an automatic 25% off in addition to the income-based sliding scale.

Example - Father is a veteran and the mother works for the school system = 25% + 25% = 50% awarded scholarship

Note: The scholarship award is for Daily Training use only.

Athletes who volunteer their time at Gridiron annual events will receive $30.00 credit per hour they volunteer (AND / OR) Athletes who fundraise to help other athletes receive scholarship funds will receive dollar credits.

* A coupon for volunteer hours will be added to the scheduling platform via Lance lancescheib@gridiron.org

* A coupon for donation dollars will be added to the scheduling platform via Janiene janiene@gridiron.org

Note: Coupons are for Daily Training use only.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship award you will need to fill out the Gridiron Scholarship Application.


During the application, You will be asked and required to register with the Gridiron App and submit the following documents:

  • Copy of last year’s federal tax return
  • Two recent copies of pay stubs OR social security/disability checks
  • Government-issued ID

Note: The scholarship award is for Daily Training use only.