Staff are all subject matter experts passionate to provide the best training in the midwest for high school, middle school, and youth athletes all are age specific to help advance their learning and development curve. We offer all position training as follows:


Come get your Pass rush Ph.D. and become a certified “QBH8er”.

The SkillNOTSchemeTeam demands your passion so we can teach you the art of the Quarterback sack!

Thanks to our founder Robert Mathis we are able to take NFL-level skill sets and bring them directly to our athletes. Training with the pros allows each athlete to have a competitive edge when they step out on the field.

Athletes will be training in the following Stance, Footwork, Get off, Defeating run blocks, Pass rush, Offensive recognition, Containment, Slants, stunts, loops, and Tackling


Gridiron Provides the Midwest’s Professional Quarterback Development Pipeline.

QBs have exclusive access to the very same development, evaluation, education, and leadership as the NFL’s and NCAA's biggest stars. Professional training curriculum lead by JC Boice and Gridiron’s Certified QB Coaches to deliver a one of kind premium training experience.

Training and Classes are offered in Private, Semi-Private Small Group, and high-rep group training formats. Instruction includes both on and off-field formats.

ALL Quarterbacks Improve Throwing Power, Accuracy, and Decision Making.

Learn how to apply proper biomechanics and critical arm care techniques to ensure long-term peak performance and arm health. Whether an elite QB seeking high-end refinement or a beginner just getting started, NFA provides:

  • Complete Arm Mechanics and QB Movement Analysis
  • Increased Throwing Power and Consistent Passing Accuracy
  • Elite Movement Strategies and Dynamic Decision Making
  • Improved Field Vision, Defensive Coverage Recognition and Pocket Presence Under Pressure!
  • Servant Leadership, Mental Toughness, Emotional Management and Increased Self-Confidence


Training will include the following: Stance, Starting, Angle Cuts, Escape Moves, Body Posture, Quick Slants, Routes, Bubble Screens, Tunnel Screens


Training will include the following: Stance, Footwork, Backpedaling, breaks , Route recognition, Tackling, Coverage Principles, Defeating blocks, Blitz Training


Training will include the following: Stance, Set & Punch, Mirror, Barrel Drills, Shuttle Drills, Lateral Steps, Twist, Side to Sides


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